Hedgehog Haven Essex

Seasonal Advice

SPRING - Hedgehogs begin to emerge from their long hibernation. They will be very hungry and desperately thirsty, so please provide food and water for them at this time as food may still be quite scarce. Hedgehogs will also start to mate and you may notice their distinctive 'huffing' sound!

SUMMER - Hedgehogs will usually have their first litter of babies in June. If you come across a nest, please try not to disturb anything and if in doubt, please contact us for advice. If a nest is discovered without a mother during the daytime, something has probably happened to her. If she does not return within a few hours, contact us for immediate help. If you find a baby hedgehog weighing under 250g out on its own at this time of year it will urgently need help - please contact us immediately.

Flystrike is a great problem at this time of year because of the warmer weather. Any hog seen out in the day is more at risk from flystrike and is usually in trouble.

AUTUMN - Bonfire night is an extremely dangerous time for hedgehogs. Please make sure you check, re-check and re-site all bonfires before lighting them. Hedgehogs will also start preparing for hibernation and will be trying to build up their fat reserves. Please provide food and water for them to help them on their way. Any hedgehogs weighing less than 550g at the beginning of November, especially out in daylight will need to be taken to a carer.

WINTER - Most hedgehogs will be hibernating during these months, but if you come across a hedgehog out during the day or one that is ill or injured, please contact us immediately.