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If you have found a sick or injured hedgehog, please pick it up immediately and phone us on 07709 767511.

Hedgehogs in need of help must be treated quickly in order to save them, so please DO NOT leave the hedgehog where it is to see if its condition improves as it may run away or die.

If you see a sick or injured hedgehog, or one that is out in the daylight, it is in need of urgent help. Immediately pick it up wearing gloves, and place it into a box with a towel or soft blanket. It is vital to keep the hedgehog warm and so if possible, place a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel inside the box. You can also use a drinks bottle of hot water, but make sure it is wrapped up so not to burn the hedgehog. Offer a dish of water and dog or cat food, but never attempt to force the animal to eat or drink.

If you accidentally disturb a hedgehog nest with babies, recover as quickly and quietly as possible. Never touch the babies, as your smell may cause the mother to abandon or eat them.

If you suspect they have already been abandoned, leave them for an hour and then very quietly check to see if the mother has returned. If not, the babies can be placed in a box with a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel while you seek advice.

We usually take in hedgehogs from our own areas, however anyone of us can be contacted for advice. As we are a charity and run on limited funds, we ask that finders bring the hedgehog to us where possible.

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Hedgehog Haven Essex
07709 767511