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Paracites and Disease

FLYSTRIKE – Extremely dangerous if it takes hold of a hedgehog. This close up image shows the white ‘rice like’ fly eggs which will hatch into maggots onto the hedgehog. Flies will also lay these eggs on food if left out during the day, so please remember to place your Hedgehog food outside at dusk and remove it at first light to avoid flies landing on it.

TICKS - Most hedgehogs have a tick or two and this does not usually cause it harm, however if you see a hedgehog with large amounts of ticks, it is likely to be very ill and in need of help. Please do not try to remove ticks yourself as the head can be left behind inside the hedgehog leading to infection.

FLEAS - Not all hedgehogs have fleas, but those that are sick or injured may be more likely to have them. Hedgehog fleas are host specific, meaning they cannot survive on any other animal or human. All of our hedgehogs at the Haven are de-fleaed before being released back into the wild.

RINGWORM - If you see a hedgehog with missing spines or crusty patches of skin, it may have ringworm and needs treatment. Ringworm will spread from hedgehog to hedgehog and in severe cases can lead to complete loss of spines. Ringworm is easily treated but please make sure you wear gloves when handling hedgehogs you believe may be infected.