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Dangers in the Garden

PONDS Hedgehogs will drown in garden ponds and swimming pools unless steps are taken to enable them to scramble out. A ramp leading out or a basket of water plants placed on the shelf near the edge of a pond can be a lifesaver. Swimming pools should be covered in order to prevent children and wildlife from accidently falling in and drowning.

MESH AND NETTING Never leave unused mesh, football, tennis or garden netting lying around. Roll or hook up all football nets and allow a gap of about a foot at the bottom of any netting, so hedgehogs can pass safely underneath. They sustain terrible injuries when trying to escape, if they have become entangled. If you find a hog entangled please contact us immediately.

PESTICIDES - Use natural alternatives to pesticides. Slug pellets WILL KILL hedgehogs and Rat poison will do the same. Try using beer traps to catch the slugs in your garden or an upturned grapefruit. Store all chemicals up high and out of reach of all wildlife.