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Environmental Dangers

CARS More hedgehogs are killed by cars than anything else. Please look out for them when you are driving at night as they will stop and roll into a ball when threatened. If you see a hedgehog in the road, please stop and help it across if it is safe for you to do so.

ELASTIC BANDS - Many hogs die a slow and painful death as a result of getting caught up in elastic bands. Please pick up any elastic bands you see lying on the ground and ask your postman to do the same!!

PLASTIC RINGS - We have also taken in Hedgehogs that have become caught up in plastic 4/6 pack rings. Please make sure you cut these up before disposing of them and you may help save a life.

LITTER - Litter can pose a serious threat to all wildlife especially Hedgehogs who can easily become trapped inside objects such as plastic pots and tin cans. Please dispose of your litter in the appropriate places and crush all of your tins & cans flat before throwing them away.